On Monday, I am On-Air

On Monday, July 4, Republic Broadcasting Network will interview me.

Carolyn Yeager’s Revisionist Report: Mon-Fri, 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Central U.S. time; Republic Broadcasting Network: July 4-July 8, Guest Manfred Kleine-Hartlage, author of The Jihad System: How Islam is Working and owner of the web blog German Views.  Monday and Tuesday for sure, maybe more. Tune in live and join the discussion.


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  • russ:


    I’m sure it will be interesting – thanks for inviting me to join in the discussion.

  • russ:
    Norway faces a far more serious problem today.

  • russ:

    Monday-Friday at 9 PM, Rick Adams and his side-kick, Kassem Kaleel („Dr. K“), air a show on Republic Broadcasing, selling phony miracle cures and the thesis that Islam poses no thret to western nations – any who oppose Muslim immigration are accused of working for the „synagogue of satan“.

    Carolyn Yeager is familiar with Michael Collins Piper, who also maintains that European nationalist movements are zionist in nature.

    I won’t call in to join your discussion on-air, but I hope you’ll share your views about those who express such opinions – there are quite a few of these people in the Republic Broadcasting audience.


  • russ:

    Arabs & Jews should stay in the middle-east and leave us alone.

  • russ:

    Organized Jewry has supported diversity and multi-culturalism for white/gentile/Christians as a way to bring down their perceived #1 enemy.

    In America, for example, Jews have led efforts to accuse white gentiles of „bigotry“ for resisting race-mixing, while they, themselves, wouldn’t be caught dead living among or inter-breeding with negroes.

  • unarmed:

    Manfred, you spoke in the program about rape in islam. This link explains the muslim view:

  • Szmit:

    I like to compare Europe’s position in world politics in 1913 and now. Then our ancestors lived in powerful states which pretty much decided what went on in the rest of the world and their monarchs had the interest of their peoples at heart.

    During the XX century Europe has been reduced to weak, „democratic“ states where the real power elite is totally dissociated from citizenry and unknown. Our interests and wishes are unimportant to these people. Any real referendum about immigration would have given a resounding „NO!!!“. But nobody is asking…