Kairos in Carolyn Yeager’s RBN Talkshow

Carolyn Yeager tells us:

I’m happy to inform the readers that Kairos will be my guest on the Revisionist Report radio program tomorrow, Wednesday, July 27 on Republic Broadcasting Network on the Internet ( The program airs from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Central U.S. time. This is the same program that Manfred appeared on several weeks ago (see previous blog post).

So if you want to hear Kairos talk and answer questions about the “Oslo Attacks,” tune in tomorrow. Nine a.m. U.S. Central time is around 4 p.m. in much of Germany, just to give you an idea.

By the way: My own talks with Carolyn are now finally available, after there had been some technical problems:

July 4
July 5

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