Kairos in Carolyn Yeager’s RBN Talkshow

Carolyn Yeager tells us:

I’m happy to inform the readers that Kairos will be my guest on the Revisionist Report radio program tomorrow, Wednesday, July 27 on Republic Broadcasting Network on the Internet ( The program airs from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Central U.S. time. This is the same program that Manfred appeared on several weeks ago (see previous blog post).

So if you want to hear Kairos talk and answer questions about the “Oslo Attacks,” tune in tomorrow. Nine a.m. U.S. Central time is around 4 p.m. in much of Germany, just to give you an idea.

By the way: My own talks with Carolyn are now finally available, after there had been some technical problems:

July 4
July 5

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7 Kommentare zu „Kairos in Carolyn Yeager’s RBN Talkshow“

  • I recently made a little research about Carolyn Yeager and I found some stuff.

    According to the following article she is a Texas based Neo-Nazi and a holocaust denier:

    The following article states that according to Carolyn Yeager all Jews should be removed from Gentile nations and go to a place which is NOT Israel:

    She also writes in her blog that Auschwitz was a transit camp for political prisoners:

    Is it the same woman who interviewd you?

    • Maybe. So what?

      As a writer and essayist, I am interested in making a greater public familiar with what I think. So if a radio station wants to interview me, it gets the interview. This doesn’t mean that I share any view of the interviewer.

    • reinigungskraft:

      Maybe you should make a little research about the adl, too.

      The following video document by Yoav Shamir might suggest that their articles are biased and that they try to intimidate their opponents or business partners with holocaust stories and imaginary antisemitism:

    • northern soul:

      ADL is a fork of the jewish freemason organisation Bnai Brith.

  • I do believe that Paolo is Paolosilv who has a blog here:

    He is a Jew very active on the internet posting wherever he can promote „Holocaust“ belief. If he finds you don’t believe in his holy „holocaust“ he begins to attack you. I don’t think anyone here would be impressed with his historical references or accuracy.

    I wonder why anyone would care what the ADL writes about one. The ADL is a joke in the United States, with Abe Foxman making a bigger fool of himself all the time. I also do not have a blog; my website is not a blog. But I know Paolo some and giving correct descriptions of things is not his strong suit. Still, thanks for the publicity you’re giving me, Paolo. I hope readers go to every one of the links you provided.