Why „smart defense“ is the opposite of smart defense

by Skeptizissimus, october 10, 2011, translation by Google

First of all: defense is probably the most important prerequisite for the undisputed sovereignty of a country. And sovereignty in international law and state law includes the integrity of national territory and the decisions of government.

Those who have saved up some minimal residual sympathy for the Federal Republic and perhaps even secretly hope that the media are not brought into line as if by an invisible force, may, with Google’s new search algorithm, search for the term „smart defense“. Surprise! No German-language newspaper or television station reported on the results of the signing of the Brussels conference of NATO defense ministers.

Thanks to the semi-government Russian RIA-Novosti, there are fortunately a little clarification:

Again, a piece of the remaining residual sovereignty of Germany and of all Member States are being eroded. The defense of NATO is to be made in the field of armament „more efficient“.

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  • This is an experiment, and you, the native English speakers among my readers are – well, a kind of Guinea pigs 😀 .

    As you know, the idea of this blog is to make important articles of the German blogosphere available in English. Due to my desperate lack of time, I am not able to translate anything worth translating. Now, the quality of Google translations has turned out to improve rapidly, and, once more, Google seems to surpass its competitors. Outright pidgin seems to have become rare. Though still far from being perfect, the results are understandable, and I would like to know whether it makes sense to keep you up to date about the German blogsphere in this way.

    • Meyer:

      Dear Manfred!

      I didn’t thought that a lot of people would mention it. Foreign and military and is not to interesting for most of the people, nor it is for the most of the bloggers belonging to the conservative sphere and on the right wing.

      But also it isn’t a surprise to me that it was you who re-blogged the translation of this short guest post. Thank you for doing that!

  • reinigungskraft:

    I propose to create a tag „autotranslated“.
    also to add a tag „media“.

    Meyer said that the complete silence of german media was an important point for him when he wrote this article: