Cognitive Dissonance and Political Correctness

by Manfred Kleine-Hartlage

[Original title: „Kognitive Dissonanz und Political Correctness“,, april 19, 2011]


The most striking feature of the socially dominant leftist ideology is the glaring discrepancy between its doctrines and visible reality:

It is obviously true that intelligence is heritable, that Islam is anything but a religion of peace, that men and women are by nature different, that western nations owe their wealth above all their own creativity and intelligence (and not „exploitation of the Third world“), that multiethnic societies bring about ethnic conflicts, that normal families are more stable than patchwork families, etc., and everyone – if honest – knows it is true. And yet all these assertions are marked as „evil.“ „Good“ is just the opposite of all this, i.e. the bare nonsense.

How is it possible that a system of thought of such a surreal remoteness from reality whose absurdity even a fool can see through does not collapse under the weight of its own ridiculousness?

This has to do mainly with the fact that it does not operate with the distinction of true and false, but of good and evil. Nobody even claims that one of the above statements is untrue, but everyone is taught that they are evil:

That’s what we learn in kindergartens and schools, from newspapers and TV, in the diversity campaigns of our employers, in the gender-studies courses in universities, from European Union directives and resolutions of the UN; that’s what we are taught by pop stars and athletes, and what we are told from church pulpits and read on propaganda posters (which are in Berlin almost as ubiquitous as they were in the eastern part of the city before 1989). Not even in the football stadium we are spared – there is simply no propaganda-free zone in our life.

Spoken in Freudian terms, the superego is ideologically manipulated to internalize the affirmation of certain dogmatic assertions of fact as a moral norm, and thus even as a part of one’s own self-description, because of course nobody would like to describe himself as evil.

At the same time each person is confronted daily with information that contradicts this dogma, and is even forced to act accordingly (e.g. by avoiding to confront noisy yobs with immigrant backgrounds in public transport, even though there would be no reason to do so if the dogmas of Political correctness were correct in an empirical sense).

The manipulated citizen is living in a state of permanent doublethink. At a certain level of his consciousness he knows things which he must not admit at another level. He is living in a state of cognitive dissonance; to reduce this dissonance he has to struggle against one of the two components of his worldview, either against the learned and internalized or against the actually perceived.

To the ruling ideology, this cognitive dissonance means a latent danger: The citizen will be persuaded not to trust his eyes and to prefer to adhere to political correctness only as long as the PC social monopoly of morality is not challenged. The more gets around that you are by no means an „evil“ person when rejecting the leftist doctrines and defend an alternative description of reality, the greater – from the perspective of the ideologues – the risk that the cognitive dissonance will be dissolved to the other side: i.e. that the dogmas are thrown overboard in favor of one’s own perceptions rather than vice versa. This is the reason why alternative, particularly rightist descriptions of social reality must not be effectively articulated. They are noticed only in the distorted form in which they are portrayed by their opponents, who do anything to stamp them „evil“. The stronger the tension between visible reality and the leftist dogma system, the more grimly the monopoly has to be defended. The militant intolerance we encounter every day is an expression of weakness, not strength of our opponents.

As long, however, as this tension does not lead to an overall breakdown of political correctness, its absurdity, from the standpoint of the ideologues, is quite functional:

It forces people to fight against their own better insight. Yet sometimes this insight gives vent to itself: At the latest after the third beer when they are alone and believe no one is listening to them, even liberal high school teachers complain about the „fucking wogs, don’t get anything“, and in a small circle a green top politician says she would „like to throw a bomb at Neukölln“. (Both quotes were reported by trustworthy sources.) Such breakthroughs of reality, however, do not lead to a change of attitude, but (because of the bad conscience about the fact that such realities at all perceived), to increased penitential exercises (at the expense of third parties), and therefore a intensifying of the „fight against the Right“. The hysterical fanaticism with which the remote-controlled gooder fights „against the Right“ is psychologically easily to decode as a fight against the own challenge by reality. In the „Right“ they fight what they fear within themselves.

On the other hand, it is just the absurdity of leftist ideology that allows a clear distinction between friend and foe: Since it is not based on arguments, but at a priori set moral claims, it cannot be discussed. You can submit to it or not. Whoever affirms the ideology has to make this affirmation known through appropriate behavior: gender-neutral language, distancing oneself from the „Right“, i.e. any people and opinions labeled as evil, avoiding words that are on the index, such as „Negro“, using ideological vocabulary. Such submission rituals are the equivalent of the Gesslerhut or the Hitler salute or the Islamic headscarf requirement: They differentiate the subjecting from the nonconformist and expose the latter to the firing.

And finally, it is just the ideology’s remoteness from reality that allows its use as a means of manipulation:

Since facts do not matter, and the ideological description of reality cannot be challenged with reference to facts, there is no standard for individual judgments. People who have been conditioned to confuse true/false with good/evil, are literally unable to make use their own reason.

The puzzled citizen thus depends on the changing provisional patterns of explanation offered by various „authorities“ – media, politicians, scientists. He grabs these patterns of explanation, even considers them to be his own, because otherwise the world that he believes to know would slip away. He is in the situation in of a lost wanderer, being offered a (wrong) map. Even if the map seems odd, he will suppress his doubts, because the mere existence of the map gives him a false sense of „safety“ he would lose once he soberly and clearly states that it shows a completely different area than the one where he actually is. The human mind is constructed to accept any interpretation pattern, and be it absurd, rather than none.

He will, for example, rather believe that a terrorist assault commited by a man shouting „Allahu Akbar“ has nothing to do with Islam (and has therefore to be attributed to poverty, mental illness, discrimination, special local tribal customs in the Thingamabob desert, or whatever ad-hoc explanation the media currently offer), rather than to accept the „evil“-stamped statement that Islam is possibly a jihad system.

But do not forget: As much as this helps cement leftist ideology, it is, at the same time, its Achilles heel. This Achilles‘ heel is what we have to target at.

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  • Now they are. I just wanted to say I think this is a brilliant exposition on left ideology and it’s refusal to allow Reality to get in the way of it’s goals. I love the way it is put that „good/evil“ takes the place of „true/false.“

    We sure do need to get back to what is true and expose liars. Every lie and all lies … no exception.

  • Heisenberg:

    The success of left-wing ideology has been due to its dominance of the information systems. News media, entertainment media, and education have been used for left-wing weltanschauung dissemination for the last 50 years. And as you point out these ideas, concepts, and memes have been so internalized that people are literally programmed to feel extreme discomfort at the sight or sound of anything „racist“ or politically incorrect.

    So the question is how do we cut through this programming? Here’s an example and if it’s too controversial for a German blog I understand if you have to erase it.

    There are historical „facts“ related to World War II that are out-right illegal to question in Europe (especially Germany). Questioning these „facts“ in public will result in an automatic jail sentence. For years now revisionist scholars in the US and elsewhere have tried to study these „facts“ and attempted to provide a new perspective on them. They wrote books and held conferences and much of their finding have been very provocative. But regardless of how strong their arguments are for alternative explanations for the established „facts,“ they have changed few people’s minds. In fact, it appears that for much of the masses their minds cannot even operate correctly when hearing these new perspectives (due to the programming).

    So to cut through the programming it requires a talking point (deprogramming). For the historical „facts“ related to WWII the following talking point is suggested:

    „I don’t know what happened exactly during WWII regarding the Holocaust? If you tell me six million Jews were killed by the Germans during WWII using gas chambers, then I believe you. But I do know one thing for certain, anytime a proposition, or fact, or perspective becomes illegal to question, historically that proposition, fact, or perspective has been untrue.“

    You see, this is much more subversive than fifty revisionist books on the subject. And it probably won’t land you in jail? And this is how you deprogram people. You keep repeating this over and over.

    *If this post in too controversial for a German blog then I understand. I just ask that the German police or intelligence agencies reading this try to think about what I wrote.

  • Tyler:

    Hi Manfred,
    Great post.
    Your writing „mode“ reminds me strongly of the way Russian and other east bloc anti-communist writers and other intellectuals used to express themselves before the breakdown of „communism“.
    It is an art in itself to tell what you want and not get caught.
    Censorship is bad but lack of censorship does not guarantee anything. In the US you don’t go to jail by questioning history (so far) and you can self-publish and post on the internet very non-PC items. Problem is that the population is not interested. But if you post a 5 seconds video with a tit of a celeb – it goes viral and gets millions of hits in no time.

    I think the sorry truth is that people are too hooked on having a (reasonably) good life and won’t risk it for the sake of imponderabilia.

    I’m not sure you’re right. For centuries people got excomunicated or burned for opposing Catholic dogma. Does it mean that the dogma was a bunch of lies or did it just reflect the power of the Church?

  • Well, Tyler said „But if you post a 5 seconds video with a tit of a celeb – it goes viral and gets millions of hits in no time.“ That’s how you’ve to sell your message. 😀

    • Heisenberg:

      I was refering to Tyler when he wrote

      „I’m not sure you’re right. For centuries people got excomunicated or burned for opposing Catholic dogma. Does it mean that the dogma was a bunch of lies or did it just reflect the power of the Church?“

  • Tyrel:


    What I wanted to say is: An historical issue is tabu not because it is necesssarily (and/or entirely)untrue but because of who controls the society. It only tells you who has real power in Germany,the US etc… And, guess what: it aint us!

    Manfred: Hollywood has been doing the connecting for a while; it works for them!

  • Tyrel,

    I’m talking about Galileo in regards to the Catholic church. Or the Soviet Union and its mandatory belief that people are equal from birth and are just in need of the right environmental conditions. Another from the USSR was the mandatory belief that a centrally planned economy was superior to free markets. Questioning these dogmas resulted in bad things for the questioner. These mandatory „facts“ ended up being false.

    The mandatory „fact“ and who has the power usually are related.

    Today the major mandatory belief in the West relates to the „strength of diversity.“ Forced diversity is used to carry out the globalist agenda by the Anglo-American-Judeo elite. So here’s a talking point to consider:

    „If diversity is the source of strength, why do does it have to be forced on us.“

    Here’s the talking point that the samisdat dissidents used in the former USSR:

    „If Socialism is so superior compared to capitalism, why do they have to have walls and armed guards to keep us in.“

    These consistent messages expose the mandatory beliefs and the people enforcing them?

    For further study on these tactics please visit „Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar“ (BUGS) found by clicking my name above.

    • Tyler:

      Thanks for the link. Very interesting thoughts. I have one to add:

      America is not a melting pot. It’s become a night pot.

      I am not propagating the dogmas you oppose; I just do not believe your statement about falsity of all enforced historical or otherwise truths is true. Although I agree that it’s probably almost always true.

      Returning to Manfred’s essay: I think the dissonance is psychologically ruining Germany leading, among other things, to „Deutschland schafft sich ab“ in the words of Th. Sarrazin.

      Whether „militant intolerance we encounter every day is an expression of weakness, not strength of our opponents“ I am not so sure. Depends how you measure strength. Our real opponents have always operated from the position of physical and numerical weakness which they made up by their ferocity and ingeniousness. And networking.

      Interesting point about the tension between CD and PC being functional because it forces the PC-people to ferociously fighting their own hidden Rightist.
      I would add that the absurdity of PC and the magnitude and multitude of obvious lies which constitute the PC remind me of a house of cards kept standing by steel girders of fear of losing one’s place in society.

      In „The Life of Others“, upon hearing that the Wall fell, the demoted Stasi captain Wiesler just leaves his work place (where he opened letters for inspection)and wanders towards Freedom. The fear is over.
      I am dreaming of the day where all Germans, all Whites will be able to do just that. But when the Wall came down the East Germans did not walk out of thought prison; they just moved from one cell to another. Ex-communist minister Hempf says to ex-dissident writer Dreymann towards the end of the movie: „What’s there to write about in this Federal Republic? Nothing to believe in any more, nothing to rebel against. It was nice in our little Republic.“ Maybe the difference was that in DDR there was always a hope because the big „free“ BRD was nearby. In BRD there is no Freedom on the other side of the border.

      Manfred: I do not understand exactly what you consider the Achilles heel of leftist ideology? Is it its absurdity or is it the human craving after a „map“?

      I would say it’s the absurdity, ’cause it makes it vulnerable to satire. But our side has up to now been too timid to use satire as weapon. We can’t afford a propaganda machine the size of our opponents but humor and satire are cheap and understandable to anyone. It should be our „tits“. Why is our side not using it better?

  • Swiss Politician is fired-up but only names the symptom and not the problem:

  • This is depressing. The PROBLEM is liberal democracy which is so easily exploited and infiltrated by outsiders, but he is saying this is what we value and seek to protect. „Europe is an idea,“ he says. NO, Europe is people – European people and their living space.

    I’m beginning to hate the very word „humanity.“ It leads us in the wrong direction.
    So also does another thing he said: Love thy neighbor. This is supposedly our duty. Again NO, our duty is to love our European brethren, our European land, our European way of life. And protect it by keeping non-Europeans out!

    We are not responsible for them. Who ever gave us that idea? Liberalism and Jews, that’s who. They are the culprits. We are the dummies for being so receptive and for „going along.“

    This Swiss German wants to now stand up and resist. But resistance can’t be carried out in a liberal democracy … impossible! He speaks of „assimilated Muslims“ as if they are okay. Are they the new „assimilated Jews?“ The very „fanatic“ he makes a joke over is the one who could do what he wants done. Because that „fanatic“ could talk about race, and racial purity, which is the heart and soul of the problem. But Mr. Switzerland and millions of others now consider it out of the question to even contemplate such thoughts. Therefore, they are weaponless. Racial awareness/racial hygiene is the weapon that will work, and the only one.

    • Tyler:

      Freysinger seems to be a clone of the Dutch Geert Wilders, the good and proven friend of Israel.

      Heisenberg is right: this is symptoms what is being addressed. If the European nations suddenly became free – the resident Moslems would have been a minor nuisance, easily resolved. The assimilated ones are not a problem, imo.

      The so called „liberal democracy“ seems to me to be difficult to define. I associate it somehow with the regime of supremacist Jews and do-gooders in their pay. But it is, in my opinion, not necessary to replace it with a Führer state. A republic á la the American one, like that described by de Tocqueville, would do just fine.

  • I think it’s important not to overstate the Jewish role in the demise of the West. They run the most in-your-face components of the globalist apparatus. They run the anti-White organizations like the SPLC and ADL. They run and create the most subversive and perverse media. They operate all the organizations that push 3rd world immigration into the West. And they operate the international organizations that pushed the color revolutions in the former USSR.

    But the question you have to ask yourself is WHO ALLOWS THEM DO THIS?

    We have to remember how Jews were used in the middle ages. Royalty would use Jews to collect taxes and fulfill other functions that the people hated. The people would get sick of it after a while and they would give the Jews a beating. The King would even support it. Royalty would use the Jews as a buffer or layer between them and the people.

    I think this same arrangement exists today. If tomorrow the Queen of England wanted to put a stop to mass immigration, political correctness, and media perversion it would be easy. The people would rally around her. The powerful eastern establishment „WASP“ families in the US could do the same. The point is THEY DON’T WANT TO!!!!

    I also suggest looking into freemasonry. If you look at the symbols of power in the Anglo-American globalist sphere they’re very much masonic. Many of the powerful globalists across Anglo-America are involved in masonic groups. There’s an excellent website called „Vigilant Citizen“ that covers these symbols and the rituals that take place in the public square (including in popular media). LINK:

    So I suggest looking at the current power structure a little more closely. The day may come where the „Kings“ allow the people to give the Jews a beating again? But we need to get to the true root of the problem.

    • Tyler:

      Don’t you think the queen needs to be very careful so that The Media do not all of a sudden start finding old and new dirt and clamor for abolishing monarchy? The same may be said of the Old Establishment families in the US. The Rockefellas are not exactly what they have once been.
      Ironically, Quigley wrote „The Anglo-American Establishment“ the precise moment the Old Establishment was abdicating. At least, this is the opinion of my great friend and a real conoisseur of American structure of power – Michael Collins Piper (see his books on amazon – the most pertinent being „The New Babylon“).

      In my view the US has for long been behaving like Israel’s Golem, self-destructing in the process. The top tier of Wall St. execs is almost exclusively kosher; Big Media and Hollywood top even more so. Congress kisses the ass of Netanyahu. Obama surrounded by chosen ones lest he misbehave. Some white hangers-on will always be allowed, for various reasons.
      The whole collective activity of the tribe over a couple of 100s of years was to make themselves unassailable; I think they succeeded.

      Freemasonry? The zio-shill Alex Bullhorn Jones made a „scoop“ revealing for the unwashed masses the „masonic“ Bohemian Grove as it were a pinnacle of occultism; the truth being that the place is more like a country club for old white pederasts with morbid tastes.

      Who allowed them do this to us? We did. Rich and poor. East and West. Our race lacks their cohesion, zeal and persistence in scheming and strategizing over centennia. It’s just not in our genes. Kevin MacDonald describes it well in his „People That Shall Dwell Alone“. We are a people of individualists who only form tight groups in exceptional times. The more our societies resemble an oriental bazaar the less competitive we are against the people who evolved in such surroundings.

      Your prophecy of the „Kings“ giving somebody a beating is a bit wishful thinking. „Vae Victis! Finden wir uns in das Unvermeidliche, wenn wir das nicht ändern können. Es heisst: Finis Germaniae.“ This was written in 1879! Today, half a century after one last feeble yet glorious attempt to break free, it reads: „Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab“. And not just Deutschland – the whole race is going down the tubes.
      „Occupy Wall Street“ after a couple of months of ruminating did not produce a single reasonable thought. No leader was born. Folks go home – it’s getting cold, you know.

      Thanks for the link, though. I will see what it contains.

      Somewhat off the subject: I have discovered for myself a good book („Gruesome Harvest“ by Keeling) available as a free pdf here: . You probably all know it, but just in case.

  • „But the question you have to ask yourself is WHO ALLOWS THEM DO THIS?“

    should say

    But the question you have to ask yourself is WHO ALLOWS THEM TO DO THIS?

  • Tyler,

    I certainly don’t discourage people from examining the Jewish Question, all I’m suggesting is something else may be out there? In other words „the Jews“ or „world Jewry“ might not be the most powerful node in the network.

    Just rest easy knowing that someone is thinking outside the Jewish box. Someone has to do it. I believe that real powerful people never appear in power. Maybe I’m wrong? But someone has to think about other possibilities.

    I also encourage you not to make unnecessary enemies. There are Jewish elements that we should be communicating with. There may need to be a regime change in world Jewry and we may need to find suitable Jewish leaders to deal with. If we argue that every Jew is the seed of Satan then we’re provoking the whole group. The Jews should have their own Presidents of Israel, or Brooklyn city councilman, or Mayors of Miami beach. We’ll support and communicate with Jews suitable to not only our interests, but Jewish interests as well.

    If a group has a history of being thrown out of almost every country they’ve lived in then there’s probably some kind of problem? But at the same time, no one has the right to exterminate anyone. We (pro-Western, or pro-Whites) should look to improve diplomatic efforts with proper Jewish elements and assist them in improving their worldviews.

    If someone can agree with the simple premise that all people deserve a home, then this is good place to start a friendship. If one is a globalist pig-dog (of any ethnic, racial, or religious background) who demands that the world be force-integrated, then he/she is not someone we should cooperate with.

    • Tyler:

      Dear Heisenberg,
      I am signing under your above statements about the need to differentiate with both hands.
      What I am against is the hostile, supremacist, Zionist (beloved child has many names) Jewry’s grip on power and finances of most of the known world. I have, God forbid, never advocated extermination. And, since the Jewish supremacist juggernaut does not seem to be able to self-limit, I propose separation or limitation a la Nuremberg Laws.

      I do socialize with anti-Zionist Jews. I like reading Jewish writers. I even prefer to use Jewish sources dealing with this problem. I agree that „righteous“ Jews may be our best supporters. (Btw. I have just finished reading „The Wandering Who“ by Gilad Atzmon – a great book which precisely differentiates between opposing supremacist Zionism and vulgar antisemitism). Each individual should be judged on his merits, of course.

      Neither Atzmon, B. Nathanael, Ariel Sharon nor many, many other known Jews are in the slightest doubt that their power is the dominating one („my tribe rules in Wall St.“, „Jews rule Hollywood, so what?“, „We, the Jewish people control the US governmant and the Americans know it“ etc, etc…). You may say that this may be just their wishful thinking and/or grandiosity. Perhaps. Possibly. But not very probably.

      Somehow, this tribe seems unstoppable – Martin Luther has been warning us. In Germany of 1920-30s, in a very well educated, hugely intelligent and enterprising nation, with less than 1% of population, they completely controlled the finances, had ca. 50% of lawyers and doctors etc. I take this as an objective measure of their strength.

      I think it’s hard to overestimate their grip on the power today even though Mike Piper says that their power is not complete. But this does not mean that there is an entity able to compete, much less threaten them.
      I think some elitary Goyim may pretend or fool themselves about their power and influence. But Bonesman Bush was just a clown who got totally excluded from decisionmaking in crucial moments of 9/11, and another Bonesman Kerry lost in elections to clown Bush. THIS for me is the real measure of power of non-Jewish elites. If you know of some more influential entities, please let me know. I mean it: here or at

      • Tyler,
        You are closer to the truth than Heisenberg, who remains too „new agey“ and listens to too many disinfo agents. But you definitely contradict yourself when you make these two statements right next to each other:

        “ …since the Jewish supremacist juggernaut does not seem to be able to self-limit, I propose separation or limitation a la Nuremberg Laws.“

        „I do socialize with anti-Zionist Jews. I like reading Jewish writers. I even prefer to use Jewish sources dealing with this problem. I agree that “righteous” Jews may be our best supporters. (Btw. I have just finished reading “The Wandering Who” by Gilad Atzmon – a great book which precisely differentiates between opposing supremacist Zionism and vulgar antisemitism). Each individual should be judged on his merits, of course.“

        This contradictory thinking is typical of so many, maybe because they are taking their opinions from others rather than really thinking it through. Or maybe you and Heisenberg are both shills here. This is an anti-Muslim site and Michael Collins Piper is pro-Muslim.

        I wonder why „Heisenberg“ doesn’t use his real name of Bob Whitaker of BUGS, the site he recommended several times. I don’t mean to be obnoxious, but I think if we go to Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar, we will learn where Heisenberg is coming from … if we can plow through it all. I can’t, but I don’t find what he’s saying here to be helpful or clarifying. Something seems wrong to me.

        • Are you claiming that I am Bob Whitaker? I am not he. I am not Bob Whitaker. Nor do I speak for Bob Whitaker. But I do recommend the people here go check out Bob’s Underground Seminar by clicking my name above. Its a seminar on practical politics, talking points, and thoughts on what people in America call „the White Struggle.“ The readers themselves will decide what is and isn’t wrong.

          But I accept your point of view. You think world Jewry is the most powerful node in the network. And you might be correct? I just suggest that other people need to be examined as well. I’d like to see someone just concentrate on what these big globalist foundations spend their money on? Who funds the various anti-White and pro-diversity initiatives? We have lots of information on Jewish activities and some of us will look at the other guilty parties as well. Maybe the Anglo-Establishment are just shabbos goy, but looking outside the „Jew-box“ can’t hurt.

          Regardless of who the true „bosses“ are, we obviously agree that their behavior is unacceptable. Bob Whitaker’s website „BUGS“ teaches a method of combating this behavior.

          • „This is an anti-Muslim site“ (carolyn)

            I don’t know about this? I see it as a pro-German site. The Germans never had problems with Muslims outside of Germany. In fact, the Germans have traditionally had good relations with Muslims (in Muslim lands).

          • Heisenberg,

            Well, I accept that you are not Bob Whitaker; thanks for taking it in stride. Sure, there are lots of bad guys, but who is it that is always there in the thick of the evil doings? From the earliest time that we know to the present. Why not take care of that enemy, then we can see who else is there.

            More important, your statement rings some bells!
            „Germans never had problems with Muslims outside of Germany. In fact, the Germans have traditionally had good relations with Muslims (in Muslim lands).“

            This sounds just like Mike Piper. Mike and I have been friends for several years, but we came to our first disagreement over this. MUSLIMS OUTSIDE GERMANY ARE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT MATTER FROM MUSLIMS LIVING AND BREEDING PROFUSELY INSIDE GERMANY!!!

            I don’t have any problem with other races outside white nations (in their own nations), but I no longer want them living inside my country as permanent residents, especially now that their numbers have grown so large and we see how they are taking over.

            Are you oblivious to the problems that Manfred is presenting on this Blog on a regular basis? Why do you comment here? What about the post „Original Sound Islam“? I notice you did not comment on that one. Please consider Muslim behavior there, in Flanders, and then tell me Germans have no problem with Muslims. I also don’t think you are German but you’re using a German pseudonym. Why don’t you use your real name?
            It’s best when we all know who we’re talking to.

        • Tyler:

          Do you really think this is contradictory? It’s too early to consider details of separationand/or limitation. Some Jews have better insight into perniciousness of their supremacist, organized brethren. And at this stage they can be our best allies.

          Let Manfred decide if it’s anti-Muslim. And even if – neither I nor MCP is pro-Muslim. MCP is just a decent guy. Maybe less pro-Eurish than myself but what a mind, what a heart!

          I consider Muslims not less disoriented and victims than ourselves. That they invade Europe is not because they are strong or evil but because we are helplessly decomposing. They are therefore not parasites but scavengers. It would be idiotic to be anti-Scavenger, wouldn’t it, Carolyn? (no offence to Muslims, of course)

          I do admire your principial stand and your caution, Carolyn, even if it sometimes feels like sand paper above 40 grid. Anyone concealing his ID may turn shill, maybe except Dave from Massachusetts.

  • First let me say that I really get a lot out of Michael Collins Piper’s work. I wish he’d start doing podcasts again.

    We’ll just have to disagree on the all-powerful Jew narrative. But I can admit that I may be wrong? But I don’t think I am. I already told you the groups you should examine. A good place to start is a study of their symbolism. See the „vigilant citizen“ website I posted above. Spend many hours reading that website. The elites take their symbols and rituals very serious.

    And like I said, if the Kings do give their „beloved child“ a beating one day, don’t allow that to fully placate you. If I’m talking to a friend of MCP,I’m pretty sure I don’t have to remind you of that anyway.

    • Tyler:

      MCP was even planning to resume podcasts last week but there is always something, and Mark has his problems.

      Any or even both of us may be wrong. But I think that the occult illuminist, symbolic, masonic, bohemiangrovian, numerologic etc. elite peddled by Alan Watts, Makows or Jim Marrses is a smokescreen for the good old tribe.

      So far, I have only seen the tribe giving the Kings beatings (ex: Edward VIII). But thanks for the advice.

  • I thought we were over this already, Muslims in Germany are a symptom, not the problem.

    I’m American and do have German descent in my linage. I use an Internet alias because pro-White dissidents are punished in the West with losses of employment opportunities, loses of status, and even losses of freedom.

    I post on this site because I believe there should me more discussion between Germans and Americans of our general political orientation. There are forces in Anglo-America who are deeply hostile to Germany and these same people tend to be the globalist elite crowd. There is something „special“ about Germany which I don’t fully understand yet? Someone once claimed that „German“ in Old-Icelandic meant „defenders of the people.“ I don’t know if this is a true translation but I think there is something to this idea. There are „good vibrations“ coming from Germany. I hold Germans in high regard similar to how Judeo-Christians in America hold Jews in high regard.

    • notice above

      „I post on this site because I believe there should ‚me‘ more discussion between Germans and Americans of our general political orientation.“

      should say

      I post on this site because I believe there should be more discussion between Germans and Americans of our general political orientation.

    • Heisenberg, you said:
      I post on this site because I believe there should me more discussion between Germans and Americans of our general political orientation.

      I haven’t noticed that Germans are discussing with you. Maybe that’s because you are writing from an American point of view and have no idea what Germans are going through. This site is called German Views. We are here to learn what the Germans think, not what Muslim-friendly Americans think about the U.S. You are also promoting Bob Whitaker by linking to his website with your pseudonym and Tyler is promoting Michael Collins Piper. And believe me, MCP is pro-Muslim! And a nice guy, too. But I don’t think either of these men are relevant to what Manfred writes and cares about, that’s all.

      • I agree, I would like more discussion with Germans. What challenges can we assist each other with? I’d like to talk to Germans about their improving relations with Russia. I want to see small and medium size American businesses find investment opportunities in the new relationship of Germany and Russia. This way, Middle America can find new opportunities outside Anglo-American Banking/finance corporatism.

        What if a group of Russians, Germans, and Americans (that share our general political orientation) made it their mission to clean up the pacific garbage patch? This organization would help solve huge global problems while pushing our general pro-Western/White and anti-globalist political message. They would clean up the Pacific garbage patch while calling for an end to the system of forced integration that we’re currently experiencing. This could be even be a pan European/White organization that assists the planet, while spreading our narrative.

        Today this organization would require philanthropist support.

        So everyone reading this go talk to all your philanthropist friends and get this started.

        I just want to watch people (anti-Whites) complain about an organization that cleans up the Pacific garbage patch? And they will do it.

        But by doing so they show that the core of their zeitgeist is anti-White.

      • We are here to learn what the Germans think, not what Muslim-friendly Americans think about the U.S.

        Don’t worry, I am tolerant :D, and I don’t want to restrict the discussion on this blog.

        • Thank you for your tolerance sir.

          With that said I wish to proclaim that I am very pleased to see the creation of this blog. This is the first „.de“ blog I’ve seen facilitate discussion of this nature (in English). Historically „.de“ websites have been verboten for discussions on subjects relating to our political-cultural worldview. I consider this blog to be a privilege and a truly historic information disseminating entity. If the German’s are finally allowing free speech, then I will approach this blog as a German would: looking seriously outside-the-box.

          What I mean by this is that Germans are very serious people and they look at the world more metaphysically than people in the Anglo-American world. The Germans are the types who throw-out the „Jewish physics“ and build their own physics.

          You don’t come to the first „.de“ website and start posting the latest crazy Muslim story or violent black on White crime. That’s the „old physics.“ The German Way is to shoot for the MOON (while remaining very serious).

          Some people say Germans don’t have a good sense of humor. I believe this is a total misunderstanding of the Germans. I once heard a story about a German Court. A man who had an alternative historical perspective on the events of the 2nd world war was told his evidence couldn’t be heard because „the truth is no defense.“ lol

          „THE TRUTH IS NO DEFENSE“ makes me laugh just thinking about it! It’s basically a German Court telling this guy „Look you idiot, we know your right but we’re still occupied territory, so shut the fuck up!!!!!“ LOL

          It’s hysterical, but it’s also an extremely defiant and subversive discourse (subversive to the Anglo-American-Jewry Order). It really was a genius form of dissent if you really think about it.

          I don’t know how the judges and all the court employees didn’t start laughing as soon as it was said? But I know they had to fall on the ground in laughter once they got behind closed doors! lol

          • Correction Above:

            “Look you idiot, we know your right but we’re still occupied territory, so shut the fuck up!!!!!”

            Should say:

            “Look you idiot, we know you’re right but we’re still occupied territory, so shut the fuck up!!!!!”

  • I should also add that I always enjoyed my times in Germany and hope one day to own a little cabin in the Black Forest to live in during autumn.

  • Tyler:

    The communists had their party apparatus, Stasi, informants – a huge institutional structure to protect the ideology and the cognitive dissonance of its time.

    The dissonance of our time in Germany, for instance, is no less acute and most important areas of the social discourse are infected with political correctness. The most important facts of recent history are perverted or concealed. The most important issues of the present are not discussed openly.

    Surely, one would think, this situation would require a potent institutional structure to defend it. Where is this structure and who are the leaders?

    The piece ends: „As much as this helps cement leftist ideology, it is, at the same time, its Achilles heel. This Achilles’ heel is what we have to target at.“

    I am not sure what is meant by IT and how exactly can we target IT?

  • Ade:

    I propose opening up two new fronts against the enemy aparatus.
    1 if anyone comes across decent Youtube video clips, download them in mobile phone format to pass around to friends who may in turn pass on to others using Bluetooth.

    The other is to use collections of videos from youtube burned to DVD, you can find free DVD burning SW online, a good one is at this gets our message onto people’s TV screens completely bypassing censorship, and if people pass them on and can be asked to make copies.

  • Ade:

    I forgot to add, Greetings from England to my German cousins.