Artikel-Schlagworte: „Leftist concepts of History“

Mass Murderer Napoleon Bonaparte

by Kewil

[Kewil is well known in the German blogosphere as an anti-Left polemicist. The following article, originally dated January 16, 2011, has now been re-published by As der Schwerter. Translation by Manfred Kleine-Hartlage]

Hitherto, military science has not yet drawn a detailed balance of the Napoleonic wars. It is estimated that five million people died, ten million were wounded. Perhaps there were more, maybe less, in any case the numbers would quadruple if one put them into relation to current demographic conditions. The whole continent was hurt by them, and in all classes there was reason to mourn.

What is striking about it is the indifference and persistent glorification of this war criminal, whose picture is still hanging in many French salons. Even more, our red vermin worship him as someone who had brought „Enlightenment“ to Germany and liberated us from the priest – which was manifested by French troops who made the Mainz and Magdeburg Cathedrals horse stables and let their horses shit in the churches of the country. Not to mention millions who had been robbed, subject to forced conscription, raped, deported, slain and wounded, and who would certainly would have liked to avoid this kind of „Enlightenment.“ Long time ago and history?

No, protest! These atrocities are in fact the more shocking, as every day stupid atheists, red Multikultis and Islamic submarines fire outraged salvoes against Christian Crusades, witch burnings and the Inquisition, dating much earlier than Napoleon, but apparently not yet „mere history“ because justifying the permanent and daily denigration of the Church – though the state, not the Church, was responsible for Inquisition as well as witch burnings!

The usual leftist double standards! Colonizers like Lüderitz and Peters or generals like Hindenburg are made unpersons by renaming streets with their name! But Napoleon? A saint of the Left!