Artikel-Schlagworte: „Marxism Leninism“

Who is Angela Merkel?

Abroad, the German chancellor Angela Merkel is supposed to be conservative, as her party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), is for Germany approximately what the Republicans are for America, or the Tories for Britain. Nevertheless, she has led her party to a strictly liberal course with regard to matters like immigration, gender mainstreaming, and the transfer of national sovereignty to supranational organizations (particularly the European Union). Under chancellor Merkel’s leadership, the CDU has engaged in fighting patriotism, Christianity, historical truth, family values, and free speech — er, I mean to say nationalism, bigotry, ethnocentric concepts of history, discrimination, and hate speech, as our newspeak calls things like those.

This policy may be surprising, as this is not what a pastor’s daughter at the head of a Christian party is expected to do. It is worthwhile examining her biography and the milieu she comes from to understand her strange approach.

Angela Merkel grew up under in a strictly communist and atheist state, where Christians, if strong believers, were regularly discriminated. It was unusual that a pastor’s daughter was admitted at a university and allowed to make a career in natural science, as Merkel did.

On the other hand, Christianity was not forbidden, and the regime defined itself not as communist, but as „anti-fascist“, which meant that allegedly non-communist political parties were legal as long as they obeyed to the communist line, and so were the churches. The SED (Socialist Unity Party of Germany) aimed at controlling, rather than crushing, non-communist forces, and depended for this purpose on collaborators in leading positions within these organizations. This is the background of Hinrich Rohbohm’s illuminating article about the German chancellor Angela Merkel’s biography (published in the conservative weekly Junge Freiheit 19/2011), of which I quote an excerpt (German text online available here):

The 16,000-souls town Templin is since 2005 „chancellor’s town“. Many know this here. Many also know that Merkels parents live here. Horst and HerlindKasner (…)

Quite informally the Templiner talk about Horst Kasner. “A down-to-earth, affable type”, describes him one of the neighbours. However, concerning the past of the chancellor, the reaction of her friends and companions is nearly panic. Just a few dare to speak freely. “They were quite loyal to line”, one of them remembers, a pensioner, living a few blocks from the Kasners.


Above all one man acted by far more politically than generally known: Horst Kasner.The father of the Chancellor had decisively shaped his daughter’s character. Only few weeks after Merkels birth he voluntarily moved with his family in 1954 as a priest from Hamburg to the GDR. As a leader of the pastoral college, a church-run educational institution, the man known in the GDR as „Red Kasner“ did not only direct the education of beginning pastors, but also pursued an extremely SED-compliant church policy. Together with the former cooperator of the Stasi (the Secret Police) and influential official in the GDR CDU, Clemens de Maizière, he had pursued the splitting of the Protestant church. Clemens de Maizière is the father of the last GDR Prime Minister Lothar de Maizière who had acted, according to the magazine „Der Spiegel“, as „IM Czerny“ also for the state security service [An „IM“ was an „inofficial cooperator“, in plain English: a police spy. The secret police used to give its IMs aliases, such as „Czerny“]. Also to Lothar de Maizière himself Kasner maintained contact.

Besides, he was, in a leading function, a member in the state security-guided Weißenseer working group, a union of leftist theologians which was supposed to be an extended arm of the SED in the church synod.

In addition, the now 84-year-old man belonged to the „Christian peace conference“, a communist camouflage organisation steered from Moscow, to which also belonged his sponsor Albrecht Schoenherr who had supplied him with the job as manager of the pastoral college. According to the Merkel biographer Gerd Langguth Kasner also rejected the social order of the Federal Republic of Germany and the West German CDU, as well as Germany’s reunion.

The Kasners enjoy privileges in GDR times. Two cars are available to them, a private vehicle, an official car. [This was at a time when an average citizen had to wait ten year for even a small car like this:]

The family is allowed to travel to the West [while others who tried tot do so were shot at the Berlin wall].Several times Merkel travelled to West Germany. Her father had visited Italy in 1974 and 1975. During a slide show in Templin he had remarked that only the Communist party of Italy (KPI) could save the country from the misery, in alliance with other progressive forces.

The friend of a school-friend in the enlarged high school of Templin remembers the today’s CDU leader still as a “Marxist loyal to line” which held a leading position within her class. A student who knows Merkel from the Karl Marx University in Leipzig, remembers a “convinced communist who brought her class-mates on line”. And a former neighbour of the Kasners indicated on a class meeting to her school friend, Merkel has carried “the flag high” in the GDR.

For her dissertation Merkel had to make – as usual in the GDR  – also a final work on communist ideology. Merkel had wanted to keep secret her doctorate marks first. However, the Spiegel had successfully sued for information. Result: The chancellor has received in Marxism Leninism only a „satisfactory“, while her results in physics were very good. This is not checkable. The work is said to be  missing. Merkel adds that she has no copy.

However, an academy employee remebers differently: Merkel has shown an active interest in Marxism Leninism. Companions blame her for having been near to the SED regime. The chancellor belonged within the academy of the sciences to the management circle of the FDJ [Free German Youth, the youth organization of the regime] and had worked as a secretary for agitation and propaganda. Her competence: Political education and the propagation of Marxism Leninism.

Merkel herself claims to have done a merely cultural job in the FDJ, such as supplying theater tickets. What her former group leader Hans-Jörg Osten says sounds differently. According to him, she acted in the academy as a FDJ secretary for agitation and propaganda, though he cannot remember any more the exact name of her position. Nevertheless, this is exactly what had been her activity. This is also not checkable. The FDJ documents have also disappeared.

During the revolution, Merkel who had originally sympathised with the Social Democrats, joined the party „Demokratischer Aufbruch“. She became the spokesperson of the chairman Wolfgang Schnur. A man who worked together at GDR times closely with Horst Kasner. And who was unmasked as an inofficial cooperator (IM) of the state security.

When the CDU wins the first free elections in the GDR, turns Merkel joins the CDU. She becomes assistant government spokeswoman. Appointed by the man whose father worked together at GDR times also closely with Horst Kasner: Lothar de Maizière. Today de Maizière is running a solicitor’s office near the Pergamon museum in Berlin. Today the resident in the floor above him is the Federal Chancellor.