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Kairos in Carolyn Yeager’s RBN Talkshow

Carolyn Yeager tells us:

I’m happy to inform the readers that Kairos will be my guest on the Revisionist Report radio program tomorrow, Wednesday, July 27 on Republic Broadcasting Network on the Internet ( The program airs from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Central U.S. time. This is the same program that Manfred appeared on several weeks ago (see previous blog post).

So if you want to hear Kairos talk and answer questions about the “Oslo Attacks,” tune in tomorrow. Nine a.m. U.S. Central time is around 4 p.m. in much of Germany, just to give you an idea.

By the way: My own talks with Carolyn are now finally available, after there had been some technical problems:

July 4
July 5

On the Oslo Attacks

from Kairos

First published on July 23, 2011 as Zu den Anschlägen in Oslo

Several Sources have claimed that the Norwegian assasin Anders Behring Breivik was Fjordman.

This claim is wrong!

Baron Bodissey of “Gates of Vienna” said, that the real Fjordman looks different and was in contact with him (the Baron) during and after the attacks. is an old Blog of Fjordman, Breivik has nothing to do with it.

It is said that Breivik suggested reading Fjordmans „Defeating Eurabia“ and other views of the assassin sound as if he was influenced by Fjordman, too. And they sound reasonable.

So the question is why the media replies them detailed. Is it to establish a connection in peoples brains between anti- globalistic, nationalistic and counterjihadistic views and a horrible crime? Because when they just have reported enough about views of the evildoer, then it will become irrelevant that the crime had no connection to this views. Then people will “know”: Nationalists kill children.

Probably in Norway a “false- flag” action took place.

No European Nationalist is able to slaughter innocent children! We are made a scapegoat!

Even nationalists who were radicalized by the horrible situation of our homelands and do not flinch from doing violence, would never assault children, especially children from their own country.

One can see it from this faked connection alone in what kind of spotlight they want us to be moved. They really claim that someone who is critical about socialism would be able to attack a holiday camp of the labour party.

That is just ill and disgusting!

Soon – we already know this mechanism – every questioning of the official version of the crime will be denounced as “mockery of the victims” and everyone who does not believe this version will be denigrated as “conspiracy- theorist.”

We cann assume that they will exploit the crime to drive a wedge between the conservative forces in Europe.

Every counterjihadist who will not immediatly condemn nationalism will be a suspect.

In fear of loosing their “reliability” and reputation many liberal counterjihadists and “clean- record”- conservatives will join the game and demonstrate their nonviolence and peacefullness at our cost. will not join this game.

We will not condemn nationalism, critique of multiculturalism and socialism, because this critique does not make us violent criminals. We will not condemn the real Fjordman because he has nothing to do with this crime.

And just for the record: Of course crimes as the one Breivik did (if he did it and this person really exists) are horrible and not excusable. Nothing is worse than harming children. But those actions we do not need to condemn, especially not by command of the Left. To condem such actions is part of the European tradition.

We will not allow that this cruel crime will be used as weapon against us and therefore we will just refer to this declaration every time one tries to.

Our prayers are with the Norwegians who lost loved- ones. We will try to help investigating this crime as good as we can and we will prevent that an inconsisting version of the crime is exploited as propaganda by leftists.

A request to the readers: Please do your best to send this text forth, mail it to your friends and put a link on sites you surfe

And collect every information about this incident. Since the first days and weeks there are still – according to experience –  some leaks. When they are closed no big chance to criticize the official version remains.